As a Livefyre Community reader, you're a part of a larger community and flagging comments in the conversations you're a part of is a great way to help the Site Owners and Moderators provide you and the community the highest quality conversations possible. With our comment flagging feature, you can flag comments as "Spam", "Offensive", "Disagree", or "Off-Topic" and leave a note for the Site Owner and Moderators to let them know why you flagged the comment.

How to flag a comment:

1. Find the comment in the comment stream you'd like to flag for moderator review

2. Hover over the bottom of the comment and click "Flag"

3. Click "Flag"

4. In the flag modal pop-up, select your comment classification from the pull-down menu, enter any additional information under "Notes" (optional), and click "OK"

5. That comment will be flagged and the site owner and moderators will be notified