After you create and submit content, it is sent to moderation where it is reviewed by our editorial team. Additionally, if you have a Cheezburger account and are logged in when you submit, your content will save to your account.

Editors will often feature a piece of viral content or a new meme on the homepage site where it best fits. The editors will review the submissions in the order received, and make their decisions based on the quality of the submission. 

If your content is featured on a homepage, you’ll receive a congratulatory email notification (given you provided your email address when you submitted).

Cheezburger editorial style tips:

Think about creating and submitting content that will make lots of people smile and want to share it within their social networks. Our editors look for content that will be reposted by the masses. 

Generally, people like to share content that is relevant to pop culture, relatable, visually pleasing, and will engage their friends (adding comments or votes). 

Memes and other viral content live and die in an instant, so if you can create something clever about something that literally just happened, the editors will notice. 

The internet thrives on abnormality too. If it's something we haven't seen before, and we think we've seen it all, take a photo or a video and submit. Just remember to keep it safe for a general audience.

Certain content, such as animal captions, has a capacity for a longer internet life span. If the caption will make people smile, it will be noticed by the editors. You know your pets do some weird things (maybe you do too), snap a photo and upload it to the site! What was your cat thinking as it lunged off the back of the couch? Caption and share!