This feature is available for people who have created a free Cheezburger account.

The Follow Sites feature allows you to subscribe to all of our homepage sites and member created sites, so you can customize the content from your favorite sites all on one page––the homepage! The sites you select to follow (or unfollow) will be connected to your Cheezburger account.

To follow sites:

1. Go to 

2. Login to Cheezburger or sign up for a free account

By default your account will already be following I Can Has Cheezburger?, ROFLrazzi, FAIL Blog, Memebase, and The Daily What 

3. Click the blue “Follow more” or "Browse our Site Directory" buttons and choose which of our sites you'd like to follow. You can unfollow sites here as well. 

A window will appear when you hover your mouse over the homepage site thumbnail with a “Follow” or “following” action. Click the “Follow” to follow a new site or “following” to unfollow a site in this window accordingly. 

To follow a site: 

To unfollow a site click the "Following" button in the window: 

You can also follow member created sites. For example, member Cheezburger would like to follow member Tofu's site “All The Maru”. Cheezburger will click the “Follow” link in the header of “All The Maru”. Tofu will also see how many people are following her site. Looks like Tofu needs to promote this site more! 

The red arrow points to the “Follow” link on Tofu’s “All The Maru”:

If you have any questions about this feature, please email us directly at