We use a Google product called Feedburner to manage daily email and RSS subscriptions.

To unsubscribe from daily email notifications, look for the “unsubscribe now” link located at the very bottom of the message within your inbox. The unsubscribe link is sent with every daily email subscription message as required by law. 

For example, to unsubscribe from I Has A Hotdog, click on the "unsubscribe now" link: 

To unsubscribe from RSS updates, please check your specific reader's settings. 

To change your email address for daily email notifications just subscribe again with you new email address.

If you have multiple email addresses and wish to have the daily emails switched from one address to another, you will first need to unsubscribe from each website's mailing list by clicking the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the email.  

To resubscribe with a new or different email address, please see the following solution article: How do I sign up for a daily email or RSS feed subscription for my favorite sites?

Please follow these steps so we can verify the authenticity of the request and protect your privacy.

If you have other questions regarding daily emails, please email us at contactus@cheezburger.com