Cheezburger receives thousands of user generated content and submissions every day. We work hard to make sure that we only feature content on our homepage sites that do not violate our terms or community guidelines.

However, you may find content that you feel is inappropriate. We rely on the community to report inappropriate content to us via email. Our email address is 

To report content that you feel is inappropriate, send us the post's direct URL. You can obtain the direct URL by right clicking over the post and selecting the copy link option. Then paste the URL into the subject line of your email. Feel free to provide context in the body of your email (optional). A managing editor will review the content and take appropriate action.  

The exact copy link option is different on our 4 supported browser types. Right Click (control + click on Mac) over the post and select: 

Google Chrome: "Copy Link Address"

Firefox: "Copy Link Location" 

Safari: "Copy Link" 

Internet Explorer: "Copy shortcut"