Screenshots are very helpful to us when trying to troubleshoot an issue. When you are contacting us to report a bug, we always welcome screenshots. It's best to send us the screenshots as a .jpg or .png file attachment directly from your email account. Send the email to
You can create a screenshot by using the directions below:
On a PC: Find the page that you want a screenshot of, click the “print screen” button in the upper right of your keyboard (you may need to hold down the "function and "print screen" buttons simultaneously). Once you do this the screen will be on your clipboard. Open an application such as Paint from your computer applications and paste (control v). Then save the image as a .jpg or .png file to your computer. Attach that file in your return email. Or, for Windows 8 users, click here .
On a Mac: Find the page that you want to create a screenshot of. Hold down Command Shift 3, and a screenshot will save to your desktop (generally as a .jpg or .png by default). Attach that file in your return email.
Screenshots for submissions:
Many users like to submit screen captures to some of our sites such as Art of Trolling or Failbook. There are several screen capture programs available for you to download. These programs allow you to capture specific areas of your screen. For example:

(LOL no not Justin Bieber!!)
Snagit by TechSmith  offers a 30 day free trial. After the free trial ends you can download the program for around $50. There are lots of cool editing features with Snagit so you can block out names when you're trolling like a pro.
There are many other screen capture programs available (including free ones). Here is a guide to reviews of the best screen capture programs with comparisons for 2012:
Top Ten Reviews