Slow loading times generally occur intermittently when your broadband quality is low. To test your broadband quality, visit , a free tool that lets you measure your connection speed. Select the nearest location and the test will begin. You'll see results for download and upload speed times. Anything below a 5.00 Mbps score for download speed will most likely cause our sites to load slowly. 

If your score is above 5.00 Mbps and our sites take longer to load than expected, it might be caused by a really full browsing history. This can typically be resolved by clearing out your browsing history, also called your cache.
Instructions on how to clear your cache for your specific browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari) can be found at: 
One reason for deleting these files on a regular basis is simply good housekeeping. More importantly, stored files can interfere with you obtaining updated information from a website, resulting in browsing inconsistencies, and it may slow down your browsing speed over time. We are always updating our sites, so clearing your cache will most likely resolve the slow loading experience.
If you are still experiencing long loading times after you have cleared your cache, please send us a message and be sure to tell us that you have already deleted these files. You can email us at: